Millions Adore the Blessed Sacrament June 2nd, 2013

Warning: This link leads to a Catholic site.

Just last night I was talking to a Christian girlfriend. She is in the Word. She loves the Lord dearly. Yet she admitted her admiration for the Pope because of his stand on gay issues. Are we to admire wolves because they appear to be right on a couple of things, and even though they reject the one way to the Father? The Pope has a different view of the results of the Atonement of our Lord. His view is a works based salvation.

Compromise will eventually lead to delusion. Believers need to use discernment at all times. Even in social issues.

Reading the article at the link and you will see what the sign of unity is to the Catholic Church.

Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament!

Today millions of Catholics are being reminded of one of the doctrines for which a few centuries ago, untold numbers gave their lives for rejecting.

Read Fox’s Book of Martyrs and see why Rome killed those who rejected adoration of this Blessed Sacrament.
To my saved brethren, remember that there is only one Gospel, One Jesus, One way to the Father.
To be involved in social causes is a good thing. But to be unequally yoked in such causes is dangerous.

Do not be deceived. Rome has one goal in mind. To suck you into their system.

Do not be deceived. They will use social causes to get you to rethink what you have been taught.

Do not be deceived. That’s a command and you need to be mentally and spiritually actively engaged.

Do not be deceived.

Deceivers have gone out into the world. 2 John 1:7

Satan deceives the whole world…Rev. 12:9; Rev. 13: 14

Do not be deceived. It’s a command.

Let no man deceive himself….1 Cor 3:18

Let no one deceive you with empty words… Eph 5:6 The teaching of Catholicism is empty words. Because it’s gospel is presenting a different Jesus and a different Gospel.

Let no one in anyway deceive you….II Thes. 2:3

Little children, let no one deceive you…I John 3:7

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