Bible Versions

News article-How Many Versions of the Bible Do We Need?

The Lord Gave the Word:

Ripped Out of the Bible:

God’s Providential Preservation of the New Testament:

How We Got the Bible:

The Message Bible

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Why I Continue to Use the King James Version

by Dean Gotcher

of Institution of Authority Research

article by Dean Gotcher

which has info and links and book suggestions

here is a quote of his from this short but deep article:

‘I am not “King James Only,” although I have many friends who are.  I am Textus Receptus only.  Listen to the following audios by James Borchert for a better understanding of the difference: Part 1 and Part 2.   (If you can not play them directly, save them to file and play them later.) ‘ unquote

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The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy by George Davis and Michael Clark


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