Pope-Stealing God’s Glory-In a Gory Way

From News that Matters blog:

 Pope Kisses Tapped Blood of Deceased Pope


The veneration/worship of the blood of a human being is disgusting.

God will not share His glory with another.

The Popes have stolen God’s glory for centuries. And all Catholics have been taught to do the same.

Praise God for His deliverance from ALL of my sins.

Including veneration of the body parts of Catholic ‘saints’.

Yuck! I can’t even imagine doing that now.

I wonder when the Evangelical/Protestant/Baptists ecumenically inclined will be taking part in veneration of the Eucharist, and of this dead popes blood.

Apostasy is growing daily in the visible church. Like leaven.


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14 Responses to Pope-Stealing God’s Glory-In a Gory Way

  1. dawnmarie4 says:

    Gross, in so many ways. For some reason, that link doesn’t work, but I found another one to the same post…at least I think it’s the same post.


  2. laura754 says:

    🙂 thanks Dawn, I fixed it! I put the wrong link up.

  3. Diane says:

    Amen, Laura!! Praise God for deliverance from all my sins!! Jesus made one sacrifice once for all time. It and it alone appeased God’s wrath against sin and His work is perfect, unique and completed as He said on the cross. He remembers our sins no more-as far as the east is from the west! My only means of standing before God is by believing on His perfect and completed sacrifice for my sins and by faith receiving His righteousness imputed to me. Blood from a dead man can help no one.

  4. dawnmarie4 says:

    Hehehee. Kinda of like I did at Kari’s place this morning. I put up a link to the count from sesame street instead of the sermon I meant to link!

  5. sueliz1 says:

    Where is the swastika u guys were talking about on NTM. I dont see it. Only a red cross??

  6. laura754 says:

    it may be a stretch, but if you realize the significance of very subtle symbols, look very closely at that cross again.

    You can certainly outline within that pretty red cross, the swastika.

    There is a link somewhere about the occult significance to a bent cross.
    which PJ Paul had when he appeared in public and sat on the throne
    with the upside down cross draped on the back of the throne.
    Remember that one?

  7. sueliz1 says:

    The upside down cross is supposedly because Peter was crucified upside down…and he’s sitting in the chair of “Peter”

  8. laura754 says:

    Oh, very interesting! Of course ‘Peter’s ‘ cross would be prominent on the stage, not Christ’s. I read it was an occult sign of disrespect toward the Cross of Christ.

  9. dawnmarie4 says:

    GOOD POINT LAURA!!! I never even thought about how it was Peter’s cross, not Christ’s. Very good point.

  10. Kari says:

    Hi Laura!

    Hope that you are doing well.

    This is beyond disturbing. I really appreciated your comments to the situation. Amen!

    I never knew that the upside down cross symbol was an affiliation to Peter! Growing up a Goth Punk, we considered upside down crosses to just be satanic. So, when I saw the pic of the Pope in the chair with the upside down cross, I just thought it was photoshopped because I thought everyone thought of the upside down cross as satanic. I never even thought of Peter. That’s really interesting.

  11. laura754 says:

    Well, Sue brought this point out about Peter’s cross.
    Thanks Sue, we all stand corrected! 😉

    Hey, just a thought! If there is a Peter’s cross, based on at least a possible REAL cross,
    then where did this Peter’s throne come from?

    While he lived and preached, Peter never had a throne. That’s for sure.

    But we know that Rome doesn’t need facts. Just tradition.

  12. dawnmarie4 says:

    Thanks Sue! It makes much more sense now that I understand who’s cross that is. And you’re absolutely right Laura, Peter never had a throne. Oh that tradition.

  13. fleebabylon says:

    ” the Evangelical/Protestant/Baptists ecumenically inclined will be taking part in veneration of the Eucharist”.

    Here in Detroit, we are working very hard on making this a reality. We call it ‘unity’.
    In all seriousness though God bless you in Christ Jesus sister. I was both edified and disturbed by this post.


  14. laura754 says:

    Hi Jim, welcome. 🙂
    sorry for the delay in posting your first comment.

    I work a weird schedule.

    Your next comment will appear instantly.

    I really appreciate your site btw.

    Yes, this post was disturbing!
    But no surprise there now is it, that Roman Catholicism has perverted thinking.

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