Jesuits Use Dialogue to Promote Universal Values-Which Replace the Gospel

Read the whole article please written by Ivar at News That Matters.

It’s called:

Jesuits Promotes Universal Values to Counter the Gospel

And note this quote!

The charter of the Society of Jesus exposes a Papal order that does not have spreading of the Gospel as their main goal. Lets read from the chapter.

129/2. General Congregation 34 encourages all Jesuits to move beyond prejudice and bias, be it historical, cultural, social or theological, in order to cooperate wholeheartedly with all men and women of good will in promoting peace, justice, harmony, human rights and respect for all of God’s creation. This is to be done especially through dialogue with those inspired by religious commitment, or who share a sense of transcendence that opens them to universal values.

That the pagans and the Christians share “universal values” is a big lie. The whole purpose of such falsehood is to prevent human beings from repenting, and turning to the living God. There is absolutely no message from the Jesuit’s in regards to Jesus being the Only way to Heaven, and without faith in Him all men will die in their sins and perish.

When the Jesuit’s  are ordered to “cooperate wholeheartedly with all men and women of good will in promoting peace”, the Vatican is paving the way for the One World Religion and the final anti-Christ.

What kind of “Jesus” does the Jesuit’s promote?”

end of quote

Concerning Dialogue.

and how this tool is used to suppress the gospel, please go to my page called:

Dialectic, Praxis, Diaprax….

Do you realize that the Jesuits, apostate Baptists, and the apostate Protestants,

ALL use dialogue in small groups to promote a false Jesus and a false gospel.

You may think small groups are designed to help you grow as a Christian.

They are not.

They are designed to systematically remove any possibility of the real Jesus being

presented to unbelievers, and Christians alike.

These groups replace God’s truth with subtle lies.

If it’s possible for you to become deceived, you will be revealing yourself to be one who exchanges God’s truth for a lie.

Small groups exchange God’s truth for lies for the purpose of promoting Satan’s agenda.

Yet we know also that those who are truly His, will love truth and stick to it.

Read my post on why God allows false teachers.

here is the link which is written by Jim Bublitz


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7 Responses to Jesuits Use Dialogue to Promote Universal Values-Which Replace the Gospel

  1. Diane says:

    That was a good article-thanks for posting it. My goodness, did you notice in the picture that their “mary and jesus” didn’t look too happy? How very biazrre.

  2. laura754 says:

    Now that you mention it Diane, I don’t ever recall as a Catholic thinking much about whether their Mary or the Catholic Jesus looked happy or not.

    I am thinking now that it’s because as a Catholic one is so focused on the self.

    After all, the bottom line for any Catholic, with any devotion to mother Mary or their Jesus, is working for approval by those two.

    The artists representations of them come from their own fleshly minds and what they had been taught. So it makes sense that they create their art without any real thought of happiness.

    Catholicism is after all a very depressing religion.

    Just look at all proof from the pictures at Ivar’s blog-News that Matters. With the chapels built with human bones! Yuck.

    What a creepy, depressing religion. 😦

  3. laura754 says:

    You know, I just realized that ‘News That Matters’ was not on my list of links.
    I corrected that oversight.

  4. Diane says:

    I call it the RC church of death. That’s what it is preoccupied with-physical death, (honoring dead people, admiring dead bones, relics, praying to dead people, suffering, lighting candles for the dead, dead body parts paraded around, dead people preserved in glass coffins, visions/apparitions of the dead-supposedly—-truly sick) and what adherance to its teachings will bring-spiritual death.

    I mentioned the picture because I sure can’t recall ever seeing a picture with such obvious frowns as that one portrayed.

    Yes- the bone churches- read about that several years ago–skull rooms, femur rooms, children’s skeleton rooms….whatever your preference. Disgusting. 😦

    I used to be so scared going into the confessional. Nothing ever happened to me but I just hated it. I thank the Lord He protected me during my time there which was only till age 18. Never set foot there again after graduation.

  5. laura754 says:

    Diane, I am glad that you were protected also!
    And especially that you were saved!
    God is good! 🙂

  6. yeshua21 says:

    Until we are willing and able to acknowledge the concerns of the sincere skeptic and honest critic, we are hardly in position to share with them the Good News of the Kingdom. There is no need for us to abandon any belief that we hold in good faith, but if we are unable to entertain skeptical questions or really listen to honest criticism, we would do well to speak more tentatively and more respectfully of those outside or on the margins of our particular tradition.

  7. laura754 says:

    I say:

    “Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another” (1 Peter 4:8; cf. Colossians 3:14).

    I acknowledge your situation of being duped.

    When you use the word ‘we’, it’s much, much too broad.

    It’s as if you are present at each and every presentation of the Gospel all over the world and observing and recording, and analyzing the results. But that’s not possible. I think that you have ingested too much of the visible churches new humanistic reasoning’s.

    I hope that you are able to entertain honest criticism of the new attitude of criticalness toward other brethren who are at least taking the time to share the Gospel.

    All over the world there are believers who are walking in obedience to the Lord.
    All of us are still imperfect, flawed human beings.

    Yet He uses us. Praise God!

    This is exactly why the Scripture says, not many mighty nor noble are saved.
    Also it says the Greeks search for wisdom, the Jews for signs, but we preach Christ crucified.
    The Greeks wisdom of today is infecting the visible church and so apostasy is festering among it.
    Preaching Christ crucified is foolishness to the perishing.

    No matter if they have questions or not.

    I think that you should be more respectful of those who are at least sharing the Gospel.

    Remember that the Holy Spirit, in His timing, works in your brethren so that they will bear fruit.
    I can say that He if faithful and able to use our imperfect, feeble attempts at reaching out to others.

    And I have personally observed that He is faithful to work in the listening unbeliever, even when I am
    nervous and sloppy, in my presentation of the Gospel.

    Somehow there is fruit. And it’s obviously Him, not me.

    Don’t worry so much about how others are handling the ‘skeptics’ in their lives.

    When skeptics do get saved, it’s because of HIM. With man it’s impossible, but with God, all things are possible.

    Now, when it comes to the wolves that are bringing in a different Jesus,
    and a different gospel,

    which is part of this new criticalness of believers,

    then do as Paul did, and publically point them out.

    Just follow and obey as He leads in your own life.
    And let go of unwarranted criticalness of the brethren.

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