America Bows to the United Nations Authority ~ From News That Matters Blog


Hillary Clinton,


United Nations


World religion


The blending of politics and religion.

Ever hear of Madame Blavatsky or Alice Bailey?

They dreamed of a world ruled by Lucifer!

Included here is info on Lucis Trust, formerly known as Lucifer Trust.

Quote from article:

‘Although the United Nations advocates ‘religious freedom’, they are quite Luciferian in their beginnings. Lucis Trust, the publishing company that distributes their material was once called Lucifer Trust.  This publishing company, erected in 1923 in the United States by Alice Bailey (considered founder of the New Age movement), who distributed publications from herself and Madame Blavatsky. Both of these woman were open Luciferians and wrote about the world religion to come, with Lucifer as it’s ruler.  Lucifer Trust only was able to keep it’s name a short time due to obvious  public relations issues . The name was changed to Lucis Trust.

The goal of the United Nations  to bring about  world government is well known. The United States now bowing before the Lucifer-loving UN is a foreshadowing of things to come.  Once known as a “beacon on the hill,” American government has been given over to the devil. Of course, all nations will succumb to the deception being poured out. And when the deception is solidified. all nations will worship the beast in a world government system which is quickly approaching as sovereignty of nations start to crumble and fall.’

please go to link above for a full reading.


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