Merry Christmas-I will be back in January 2011

I have been taking a break.

Starting tomorrow, I need to do some personal things that need my limited time.

When I get back,

you all and I will solve all the problems of the world,

and the church

We will straighten out this Bible translation mess.

We will turn our country around with just a few good posts from our great minds.

We…. huh?

LOL. Just kidding!

We need to be keeping our eyes on Him, the author and finisher of our faith.

Hebrews 12:2

He will use us as He sees fit. AMEN?!



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Saved by His undeserved mercy
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10 Responses to Merry Christmas-I will be back in January 2011

  1. dawnmarie4 says:

    Have a great day and some productive limited time!

  2. sueliz1 says:

    Laura! Have a great day and may all your days be blessed!!!! Glad to know you Laura! xoxo

  3. Pearl says:

    I’ll be ready. Meanwhile, have a jolly time and happy New Year!
    Love & hugs to you, sweet and precious sister.

  4. dgree says:

    Will be ready and waiting to solve the problems of the world!

  5. dawnmarie4 says:

    Still being productive?

  6. laura754 says:

    I started on a basement cleaning streak. I got my husband to clear out some stuff for the trash and I am going to put away the decorations on Tues.

    I am going to do my best to get some viewing in on the various videos you posted. I think Kari has something too if I recall.

    No Wally world till Wed. night!! woo hoo!!

  7. dawnmarie4 says:

    Wow! That is super productive!!!! You better take a break now so you have some rest time before it’s back to the grind.

  8. laura754 says:

    well, it’s not done yet. We took too many breaks. 😉
    it’s going to be an on again off again project now. Putting
    away the decoration next Tues instead.

    Today I have some girlfriends to meet with this afternoon
    that I haven’t seen in a while.

    not to mention some very dear girl friends in blogging world! 😉

  9. dawnmarie4 says:

    Yeah, Laura’s back!

  10. laura754 says:

    Yeah!! we can all gather again and fellowship! 🙂
    Boy, do I miss my blogging buddies!!!

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