The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy by George Davis & Michael Clark

read this when you can really put some time into it. Its long.

This shows how even our beloved KJV Bible has a story behind it that isn’t pretty.

Power corrupts, right? What if men lord it over others by twisting the Word to their own useful purposes? What if those being lorded over have been duped into an unbiblical submissive role?

Power is hard to give up when one has his own interests at heart and his own kingdom to build.

We can maybe discuss this later on next week.

I would have posted it after ‘Christ….’ but I think its very important info and couldn’t wait for you all to see and read it.

I printed this out for a friend. She has experienced years of abuse by not only her ‘Christian’ husband, but her Baptist pastor. They tried to keep her in line by using the Bible as their stick. Yet she was not the one that needed to repent. She read this and wept. She has been set free.

Not trying to sound melodramatic. I am just stating the facts. Remember how Jesus said that the truth sets us free? How men love to put heavy burdens on others that even they can’t keep? Jesus sets us free from man made burdens, as well as sin and the penalty of sin.

But this setting free comes from knowledge of the Word. Correctly handled.


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2 Responses to The Great Ecclesiastical Conspiracy by George Davis & Michael Clark

  1. Kari says:

    Thanks Laura,

    I am printing this out now to read on my trip in the car.

    I didn’t think that you were being melodramitic at all. There is so much power in the True Word of God. Have you ever just felt mad at the world, overwhelmed with life and listened to a sermon and it helped, but didn’t stick. Then you went to the Word of God and all was forgotten and your soul was joyful and at peace? I mean, nothing can touch it! Last year, on C___m___ eve, the kids were going CRAZY. I gathered them into the living room to read the story of the birth of Jesus from the Bible. They were squirming and chatty, but the second that the Word was spoken, they didn’t move a muscle. That is power. They get it too. It’s not hard for them. I gather our family around the table a couple of times a week after dinner and have my Husband just read from the Bible, and no matter how much complaining goes into to gathering them, the mood in the house is completely changed once the Word has been read. Lord have Mercy, that is true persecution to take the Bible away from God’s children.

    If I were any one of these people that have altered the Word of God for personal advancement, I would be shaking in my boots. I am sure that there is a special place in Hell for those that did not repent of this.

    If they are going to take the Bible away, they might as well take my life because it is all things in my life to me.

  2. laura754 says:

    The Word is a treasure, a lamp, the plan of God for our salvation, the mind of God Himself. Jesus is the Word made flesh. If the enemies of Jesus couldn’t keep Him down after killing Him, how can the enemy think he can suppress the Bible, successfully?

    Way to go with your family Kari!! I do believe the Word has a good effect on young ones.

    You make a good point about ultimate persecution. Take our homes, take our lives, that can’t hurt us half as bad as taking the Word!

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