Sermon Series: Overview of the Old Testament

This is a 4 part series

I started this a couple of weeks ago:

Overview of the Old Testament pt 1 by Chris Hand~31 min


Overview of the Old Testament pt 2 by Chris Hand~35 min



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13 Responses to Sermon Series: Overview of the Old Testament

  1. dawnmarie4 says:

    Have you figured out where this guys is from yet? His accent is very cool.

  2. laura754 says:

    the UK! is the link to his church

  3. dawnmarie4 says:

    lol. I wanted you to say Derbyshire so I could tell you about John Flamsteed and Sir Isaac Newton! Alls I know about Derbyshire is that John Flamsteed was born there and he’s a guy that Newton took his work and published without giving credit to because Flamsteed was commissioned by the King to write books on the stars and that kind of stuff. But he wouldn’t publish his work…so Newton took it and published it himself and didn’t give the guy any credit. Flamsteeds work was finally published after he died by his wife I guess. Oh yeah, and they also have this place that’s kinda Stonehenge like called Arbor Low Stone. 🙂

  4. laura754 says:

    oh my, I never heard that about Newton! how sad that he did that. how did you learn this btw?
    You know a lot about the English and their history I gather?

    I don’t know much about areas like ‘Derbyshire’ or other shires, or one shire from another. 🙂
    and I never heard of Arbor Low Stone.

    Going to google that, cause now I’m curious!

  5. dawnmarie4 says:

    Lol. I used to read David Flynn and he talked quite abit about Newton. Newton didn’t believe in the trinity which I thought was interesting. Flynn states that Newton couldn’t figure out prophecy because he didn’t understand the Trinity, so basically not understanding this messed up his numbers when trying to predict the return of Christ. So I got interested in what Newton believed and all that jazz and read a few interview transcripts and some short articles on websites. Strange guy. Anyway, after pretty much wasting away as a hermit and going kinda crazy…he disappears for a while and then ends up in the Royal Society or something. A real big wig. I don’t know what he was doing when he just kind of crept away from society…but he sure reappeared with a bang!

  6. laura754 says:

    d’s quote:
    lol. I wanted you to say Derbyshire so I could tell you about John Flamsteed and Sir Isaac Newton! ‘ unquote
    you clever naughty girl!! 😉

    thanks d, for the links. I will check them out! I just wiki’ed the low arbor.

    hey, I am so disappointed about Newton!! so I checked my daughters
    Physical Science book by Apologia from Freshman year.
    (since I don’t usually read every page in it I was wondering how they covered Newton).

    It basically said he believed Jesus was just a man. He believed God created
    everything and is omniscient, and to know more about God you should study nature, and the Bible.
    But he didn’t believe in the trinity. He wrote books on bible passages. He studied
    Daniel. I would say he was a Deist maybe. certainly not saved. sadly.
    I guess in the end this would explain the plagiarism.

  7. laura754 says:

    Oh, and poor John Flamsteed did not make it into my daughters Science book.

  8. dawnmarie4 says:

    I don’t care if you read the Newton stuff. But the Stonehenge link is really of vital importance. Very short and to the point. 5 or so videos a few minutes long…like less than 2 or 3 minutes each. Definitely worth your time. Please please please make sure to watch.

  9. laura754 says:

    I watched them with Ali. I can see the vast importance of them now! [?]

  10. dawnmarie4 says:


  11. dawnmarie4 says:

    Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that some say he had mercury poisoning from all that alchemy he did…

  12. laura754 says:

    ewww! poor man!

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