Earthquake Swarm in Arkansas

They have had over 50 earthquakes in this swarm

from Wikipedia on Earthquake swarms

quote: ‘Earthquake swarms are events where a local area experiences sequences of many earthquakes striking in a relatively short period of time. The length of time used to define the swarm itself varies, but the United States Geological Survey points out that an event may be on the order of days, weeks, or months.[1] They are differentiated from earthquakes succeeded by a series of aftershocks by the observation that no single earthquake in the sequence is obviously the main shock. Earthquake swarms are one of the events typically preceding eruptions of volcanoes.’ unquote

this is blog article on the swarm in Arkansas

and this


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9 Responses to Earthquake Swarm in Arkansas

  1. Kari says:

    This is odd, isn’t it Laura.

    You know, in Central Virginia, we’re not an earthquake-y area. We did have two that were memorable to me, though. The weekend after 911 we had one and it sounded like a bomb went off and the house really shook. It totally freaked me out because I thought that we were being attacked again. I had never experienced an earthquake before.

    Then, maybe 2 years ago, we had another one. It was between my town and Richmond, VA and it again was very loud and our office began to shake pretty violently. My boss came running past my office yelling “get out!” He didn’t even look back or hold the door, he was out like his pants were on fire. I gathered my purse and we all gathered in the parking lot. My husband called and said that it shook our house and cracked some walls, so we knew it was an earthquake and went back in. The meany lady in my office was sitting at her desk typing away, she had been in the bathroom and never even noticed we left! Whatever she was doing in there must have been equally explosive.

    Anyway, I’ve lived Virginia almost my whole and we never had an earthquake for 30 years, now we’re getting them and it makes me think, is this happening in other cities not prone to quakes? Looks like it is. I am totally expecting God’s judgement any day now. America really deserves it for all this apostate Christianity we send out. Rick Warren alone is cause for a good shaking!! LOL

    Can you tell I’m lonely at work and don’t get to talk to anybody all day? LOL I tend to ramble. Sorry!

  2. laura754 says:

    Re-reading about the ‘mountain thrown into the sea’ in Rev. does make you wonder where it’s from.

    America? The Somalian Islands? or Italy?

    I was reading that Rome sits on a volcano or plates that could produce one or something like that. I forget.

    I will have to try to dig up the article I was looking at recently about Rome and this geologic catastrophe waiting to happen. God prepared and ordained the exact place for an antichrist pope to be when He returns in judgment.

    anyway, an earthquake causing a mountain to be hurled into the sea would have to be pretty gigantically huge! Wonder how far you could hear that one?

    And when you read of all the earthquakes in Rev. you wonder if it’s not going to start with several big ones before the Lord’s return.

    Maybe it won’t be long till we are safely in our real home!

  3. laura754 says:

    oh, and I know, you never forget personal earthquake experiences! Do you remember how big those were?

  4. Kari says:

    Amen Laura, we’re gonna hear that one over here in America! The ones we had I believe that they were both in the 4ish range. I think that they are different depending on the geological position that they are in. I understand that they are very loud, like explosions, in rigid, rocky terrain and more wavey in soft in places like California. Have you ever experienced one?

    I remember reading about that one in Rome too. I believe it was some type of underground super-volcanoe system in the mediteranean (sp?) that would wipe Italy out. Similar to what sits under Yellowstone. It was just recently discovered, but you’re right, God planned this out from the beginning to usher in Christ’s triumphant return!!! I cannot wait to see every knee bow, even my puppy Lily will finally stop wiggling and bow in the solomn assembly! I just love to think about it, all these people who throw Christ around like He’s some powerless softy. NO SIR, He is THE KING! All the power, all the honor, all the glory. Boy, you’re getting me fired up just thinking about finally seeing Him in all of His Majesty!

  5. laura754 says:

    It won’t be long till we see Him as He is!

    I have experienced some here in Illinois. And yes, they are noisy.

    A couple of years ago I think maybe even 3 or 4 now. It was the middle
    of the night. I was woken up by what I thought was my son or someone pounding very loudly on the front door. I was so sleepy I was having a hard time getting up.
    Then it stopped. I just fell back to sleep. Well it was over 5.0 I think. or 4.5?
    then the last one, I forget when now, I thought that our cat was climbing up the closet door on the two purses that hang from a hook.

    I have seen her leap up there before and just hang with them. (stupid cat! LOL),
    I was yelling at her to get off. LOL and then the sound stopped. I never felt the bed move or anything.
    My neighbor told me she felt their bed move. and heard the noise.

    when I was a kid there was one during the day and I felt the chair I was sitting on vibrate. We lived on the 2nd story. that was weird! That was in the mid 60’s .

  6. Pearl says:

    I had no idea they could be loud. Makes sense, though, based on the ground type.

    In our area, there are caverns. Every now and then, I hear a very loud rumble beneath the ground, which I attribute to rock quarries miles away, echoing through these chambers. But I’ve not experienced an earthquake. That’s got to be terrifying.

    Imagine what it was like to be on the ark: the sound of the earth being overturned and split, cracking, groaning… the sound would’ve been amplified through the hull of the ark! Very frightening!

  7. laura754 says:

    Well, in Illinois it’s not terrifying. At least not in my experience.

    I think in places like California people would be pretty frightened.

    Remember, they are supposed to slide into the ocean! 😉

  8. Kari says:

    Gosh, no offense, but maybe they should slide into the ocean. hehe Just kidding, but perhaps they could just break off and be their own personal island of porn and tree hugging, yoga freaks. Oh, and I think Rick Warren is there too, right? Yeah, just isolate them on a free floating island.

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