~Under Constraint~Spurgeon/Apprising Ministries-Ken Silva

II Cor 5:14

NASB ‘For the love of Christ controls us…’

KJV ‘For the love of Christ constraineth us;…’

from Dr. Henry Morris comments in the New Defenders Study Bible I quote from page 1775:

‘Constraineth us: It is not our love for Christ that constrains us, for our love is variable at best. But His great love for us, the love that took Him to the cross in our place, is the greatest motivating factor for our love and service for Him.’



Shall We Fraternize With Those Who Bury the Gospel With Trash?

By Phil Johnson of Pyromaniacs

See Also:

From Apprising Ministries: Charles Spurgeon-

Those Who Bury the Gospel with Trash

-by Ken Silva



You may go to this link to download the full text of the sermon ‘Under Constraint’ by Spurgeon



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One Response to ~Under Constraint~Spurgeon/Apprising Ministries-Ken Silva

  1. laura754 says:

    Have you ever read a Spurgeon sermon?

    Do you love the Gospel?

    Do you hate the false gospel being preached today?

    Are you more than annoyed by the preachers of the day
    who are preaching a false gospel?

    This is an excellent into to Spurgeon!
    Be blessed!

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