Calvinism, Arminianism, So What? ~ by Greg Gibson

“Calvinism, Arminianism, So What?”

Who Gets Credit for Your Decision for Christ:
The Evangelist, You, or God?


  • Why are you a Christian, but your unconverted friend is not?
  • Where did your repentance and faith come from: You or God?
  • Understand Calvinism, Arminianism & free will explained simply
    with one chart, 23 questions, and 136 verses…

By Greg Gibson


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12 Responses to Calvinism, Arminianism, So What? ~ by Greg Gibson

  1. kittykit says:

    I really wish they wouldn’t call it Calvinism….Calvin believed in sacramental grace and I don’t understand where that falls into the 5 points that people have made. Ha!

    Anyone, anyone???

    Let’s rename it….Doctrines of Grace vs. self sufficient salvation perhaps??

  2. kittykit says:

    Here’s a link on what hypercalvinism is so people don’t get the two confused….

  3. laura754 says:

    thanks Kit for the link. I will post it later.

    I agree too that it’s unfortunate to have the name Calvin attached to the Gospel/doctrines of grace.

    I also have seen and saved (somewhere on my vast bookmarks) an article that talks about using a different acronym instead of TULIP.

    I loved that article. can’t find it now. grr.
    but when I do locate it I will post it.

    It’s been on my mind.
    Maybe you know what I am talking about.
    If you do please share!

  4. kittykit says:

    Find that article!

    I don’t know what you are talking about unless you throw me a bone! Ha!

    Then maybe I can share…or you can e-mail me or something.

  5. laura754 says:

    And here I was thinking you could read my mind! LOL

  6. kittykit says:


  7. kittykit says:

    So are you gonna share? Cuz, I’ll bet you a million bucks that whatever you are thinking about is something that I’ve thought about too…and probably not just me…

  8. kittykit says:

    Oh BTW, this is the same article I sent my brother that made him finally quit telling me I was a heretic…he was half kidding of course…but I think he really kinda thought I was…

  9. laura754 says:

    about my missing article, it’s probably ‘lost’. Some time ago we switched computers, servers etc. I had articles that I sent to people in emails. Those emails are gone.

    I searched through my bookmarks. It’s no where. Or I am overlooking it. don’t know.

    When we left our ‘evil’ church in summer of 06, we started going to the Baptist General Conference church. The pastor there was reformed Baptist. That is where I discovered Spurgeon! And that is were I was getting weaned off of Arminianism! SO in my quest to learn more I was researching everything TULIP! LOL I found and sent an article I really liked to one of the ladies that also made the switch in churches. But since all the authors on Monergism, and other reformed thinking sites were mostly new to me. I didn’t retain the name of the author of that article.
    this is one reason I wanted to finally have a blog. So when I find something I want to keep, it’s staying here! Those bookmarks are like yards long! Really hard to navigate even. I was so green.
    I trust that the Lord will bring back to me that article if He deems it necessary.
    I like Phil Johnson a lot since I discovered him in 06. And I have loved John MacArthur for almost my whole walk with the Lord. I have read his books and bought his tape series. and used to listen to him daily for years. Learned lots.
    I never knew I guess what denomination he was part of or that he was into the Doctrines of Grace.

    The Doctrines of Grace topic was never ever taught anywhere I went to church, in all my 30ish years as a christian, till that BGC church. too bad it went into the stuff we left at the ‘evil’ church, so we had to leave it also. What a shame about the pastor.

  10. kittykit says:

    We weren’t taught it either Laura…at least, not under the name of Calvinism. But as I look back on it…our church was probably 4 points, maybe 3. I think the difference had to do with unconditional election and total depravity. What I was taught, not out right…but just through the years was that man could choose God. He still had the ability to do that. Free will.

    Yet what I never understood was why, if I had free will, couldn’t I master it??? Why did I continue to do the things that I hated??? My will wasn’t really free. I had to do the things that I desired. I couldn’t help it. If my will was really free…I would be able to walk away from the things that I didn’t want to do. Then I started understanding that it was God alone who gave me the will and strength to do what He would have me do instead of what I desired to do.

    Interestingly enough however, when I first heard election explained in the doctrines of grace…it made sense to me. It didn’t make me angry or anything like that. It was like a light bulb went on. I wasn’t hearing anything I didn’t already believe…though I couldn’t articluate it. I knew that the Bible said that God predestined His own. I knew that once you were truly saved that you could not lose your salvation. I knew that it wasn’t anything in me that wanted God but that He was changing me into the image of His Son. There was nothing good in me that could change myself. I knew I was a very bad person…even being saved. I was still a human who did what I didn’t want to, and didn’t do what I should. I knew that God had changed my heart to want Him. It was common sense to me that the atonement of Jesus was only sufficient for those who actually believed it. With that being said, I never REALLY connected the idea of all of the things I mentioned above as relating to the Sovereignty of God. That’s where I was knocked off my rocker. We always try to say that God just kind of sits on the sidelines and interevenes when He needs to. But what I started understanding is that no…that is not true. He is intimately involved in every single thing that happens in this universe…even when we think we are in control. We aren’t.

    What did make me angry was that I didn’t know that people gave credit to a man named Calvin for the doctrine. And that if you agreed with the doctrines of grace, you are accused of following Calvin instead of Jesus Christ.

    Then I learned that Calvin just put everything in one place to refute Armenianism and that it was people who didn’t understand who actually gave the credit to Calvin.

    The problem I have with Calvin has to do with sacramental grace…so even though his belief on God’s sovereignty is spot on, his error of sacramental grace kind of nullifies (in my opinion anyway) the doctrines of grace.

    Then I started learning about Hypercalvinism. Whoah Nelly! All the sudden, something so awe inspiring becomes so dirty and wrong. I guess Satan can take anything and distort it. Here’s the problem I had with hypercalvinism…EVEN THOUGH I DIDN”T BELIEVE IT…not one iota. When you read stuff written from the view of a hypercalvinist…little thoughts pop into your mind.

    Stuff like…hmmmm….now was I chosen? I mean, unless I’m chosen, it doesn’t matter how much I believe or how much I long to see Jesus, or how much I trust in Him to save me from my sin…too bad. So sad. Then you start thinking about babies. God sending babies to hell because baby or not…they only go to heaven if God chooses them. Then the idea of not telling people about Christ because God alone saves. There’s no point in telling people about Him if He doesn’t plan on saving them, and even if we don’t tell them, if they are chosen, God will save them Himself.

    Anyway, enough rambling…

  11. laura754 says:

    Kit, I love your ‘rambling’, LOL
    you just ramble away sister!
    I am blessed by your thoughts!
    did you get my email response?

  12. kittykit says:

    Rambling and Ranting…:)

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