Youth and Eucharistic Adoration-Being Deceived

I forgot the exact title of article.

Just read it.

This makes me so sad!


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4 Responses to Youth and Eucharistic Adoration-Being Deceived

  1. dgree says:

    Yes, it is sad. All those hungry hearts being lead astray. The worship that belongs to God going to a false god. I pray that the Lord will lead them into truth.

  2. kittykit says:

    Like you said a while back…wait till that thing speaks.

    This is sad.

  3. sueliz1 says:

    It is still quite hard for me to talk about this or write it. I was so entirely devoted to the Eucharist. I would look for crumbs on the floor when the priest would occasionally use real bread and weep when people would walk on it. I did Holy Hours regularly. Many of my catholic friends are seriously Eucharistic centered. One of the scriptures that opened my eyes was the one where Jesus said “if they say I am in the upper rooms” it is not Me. In Greek, upper room literally means container, which is what a tabernacle is. This subject is still very painful for me.

  4. laura754 says:

    Oh Sue!
    Praise God that He opened your eyes when He did.
    That verse you shared was perfect for this.

    When one believes that He truly is in the bread, how
    could one who wants to love God NOT be sad when
    people walk on the crumbs of the Eucharist!

    I loved every aspect of the Eucharist also.

    Our emotions were manipulated by those who promote the Holy Hour and the special litany and song and incense and ritual done before the Eucharist.

    May the Lord use you, with your beloved friends, while you hold forth the truth.

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