From Answers in Genesis-Could God Have Created in Six Days?

This is a link to an article from Answers in Genesis.

Below is a small portion of the article.

God’s Word is true. Every word of it.

The teaching of evolution is an attack on God’s Word.

Does It Really Matter?

Yes, it does matter what a Christian believes concerning the days of creation in Genesis 1. Most importantly, all schemes which insert eons of time into, or before, creation undermine the gospel by putting death, bloodshed, disease, thorns, and suffering before sin and the Fall, as explained above (see answer to Objection 1). Here are two more reasons:

  1. It is really a matter of how one approaches the Bible, in principle. If we do not allow the language to speak to us in context, but try to make the text fit ideas outside of Scripture, then ultimately the meaning of any word in any part of the Bible depends on man’s interpretation, which can change according to whatever outside ideas are in vogue.
  2. If one allows science (which has wrongly become synonymous with evolution and materialism) to determine our understanding of Scripture, then this can lead to a slippery slope of unbelief through the rest of Scripture. For instance, science would proclaim that a person cannot be raised from the dead. Does this mean we should interpret the Resurrection of Christ to reflect this? Sadly, some do just this, saying that the Resurrection simply means that Jesus’ teachings live on in His followers.

When people accept at face value what Genesis is teaching and accept the days as ordinary days, they will have no problem accepting and making sense of the rest of the Bible.


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5 Responses to From Answers in Genesis-Could God Have Created in Six Days?

  1. dgree says:

    Thank you for posting this link Laura!

  2. kittykit says:

    Yes, it does matter. One evening and one morning is one day…seems clear enough I think.

  3. Pearl says:

    Yep. It matters.

    AiG is on every Tuesday evening on the NRB network. They’ve got some awesome topics: one of my favorites was Jason Lisle’s series called “Ultimate Proof for Creation” (on using logic). In fact, all the episodes are available on demand at their website. Lots of stuff for teenagers too. Makes them confront some serious questions/doubts. Can’t beat it.

  4. laura754 says:

    Wow Pearl, I will check out. that’s sounds like something I should take my daughter through.

  5. Kari says:

    Yes, it does matter. That website answersingenesis is awesome. Wretched Radio with Todd Friel has that Ken Ham guy on all of the time and his work on this topic is unbelievable. He has done many debates with atheists as well that your children might enjoy. Their work is high caliber stuff!

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