So, Which Atonement Does a Newspaper Promote?,0,5254427.story

I was very surprised that this following quote was in the paper. (from links)

‘Three years after founding New Song Urban Ministries, Mr. Tibbels, his wife and friend Mark Gornik launched the Habitat program as a way for religious adherents to recognize and atone for their sins.’

then I read, in an online response  from a friend of Tibbels, of 30 years,

‘Having known Allan for the past 30 years I can say that his sacrificial lifestyle and intense love for others came years before Sandtown. I also don’t believe He launched Sandtown Habitat for Christians to recognize and atone for their sins. Only Christ can atone for our sins. As an elder in the PCA he knew this well. Allan, a true inspiration to us all, showed us not only how to bring a family to those in need, but also how to bring those in need into the family.’

So, I wonder why the newspaper  reported as they did in the first quote.

It shows great ignorance on the part of the reporter, about sin and redemption.

Since our society has  become more and more disconnected from the bible and doctrine,

many gross assumptions result.

The ignorance is no surprise.

But, I wonder though if it’s not a good ‘excuse’ to push an agenda of the social gospel followers.

You know, get it in front of the eyes of the public and let them read it and digest it in their minds.

‘atone for their sins’.  ‘atone for their sins’.  say it often enough and they will believe it.

It’s possible this man was truly saved by having trusted Christ for salvation, and then living his life, among his neighbors, with a true servant’s heart. He would have then been working in his neighborhood as a witness for the Lord and out of gratitude for the atonement for His sins by Jesus Christ.

I sure hope so.

But, I am still disturbed that the newspaper reported this story as they did.

Whether the reporter took this as an opportunity to promote Habitat for Humanity’s social gospel,or was misled by a church or family member.

I wouldn’t know.

But I do know that a big lie was written in that local paper. And Christ’s atonement was diminished.

Maybe this will be the new trend, since spirituality is big these days.

What with the interest in Eastern religious practices like Yoga, and Reiki, and emptying the mind etc.

Thoughts might be turning people toward atoning for their sins.

Maybe atonement is needed for sins that offended the cosmos or the New world Order’s spiritual oneness of humanity.

we shall see.


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8 Responses to So, Which Atonement Does a Newspaper Promote?

  1. kittykit says:

    Maybe the author wanted to give the article some christian flair…while not understanding what a christian was???

  2. laura754 says:

    Probably. Since most people today are ignorant on the Bible.

    In my small town weekly paper, there is a weekly religious article that is part of the list of local churches.

    And it has promoted the ‘silence’ in at least one of the ads.
    Also occasionally I see promotion of some other type of apostate thinking in these ads.

    I wonder who writes them.

    Anyway, I look a bit closer at these small bits.
    Because over time they are bringing into acceptance thoughts that are worse than indifference, imo.

    Oh, and I have never seen anything written in our paper using the word ‘atone’. Not that I recall.
    That’s why this particular news story caught my attention.

    I did keep for a time a few of the ads from my paper that I found particularly disturbing. I will have to look and see if any used the term atone or atonement.

    ~Hey, today I will get to listen to part 2 & 3 of the church history! woo hoo!

  3. Kari says:

    Hi Laura,

    It kind of reminds me of the kind of Christianity on the 24 hour news cable. MSNBC and CNN always have that Wallis guy with his sweet little Social Gospel (again no atonement, repentance, narrow path, Christ is the only way). Did you notice he was was in that Dominionist article that you posted on my blog today? Then we have on MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Pat Buchanan debating each other, both admitted Jesuits and they always have that Bill Donahue Priest guy on (again with the Social Gospel). Fox News? Jesuits straight down the line, starting with the owner, Ruppert Murdock, then Hannity and OReilly (who owns the copyright to the NIV Bible by the way). So this is America’s exposure to the “church”. No repentance, no atonement, only Social Issues. Sad, sad, sad.

  4. Kari says:

    I mean Murdoch owns the copyright of the NIV, not Hannity and O’Reilly.

  5. laura754 says:

    exactly, only social issues are ‘preached’.

    Kari, how come your blog doesn’t show up when I click on your name?
    I know I get confused, 😉
    but you should show up with a link, right? to scattered sheep?

  6. Kari says:

    Morning Sister!! God be with you today!

    I think it is because Mamma Harper set our blog up (I am blog illiterate as well) and maybe it only let’s one admin link to it? I just don’t know. I’ve tried to fix it, but I can’t. I need a 2nd grader to come show me how!!

  7. laura754 says:

    Good morning to you too dear sister.

    ‘I need a 2nd grader to come show me how!!’

    Yeah, ain’t that the truth. LOL
    my cousin has a 5 yo that has had to help her on the computer!

    I will look at my ‘dashboard’ and see if I can figure out something.
    I had noticed on my template before that there can be more than one
    writer. have to check on that.

    at least today I didn’t have to approve your comment.

    so that’s progress!! 🙂

  8. sueliz1 says:

    Laura, your post is on the Christian news site:
    Mine was there for 3 days. Wild, huh?!

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