A Protestant Rosary!


quote from link:

‘A rosary by any other name

Professor Rick Sheridan of Wilberforce University in Ohio has designed a Protestant rosary, similar to the Catholic rosary, which uses beads to mark repetitions of set prayers. The Protestant version contains 10 beads to mark 10 stages of prayer: connect with God, recite the Our Father, recite Psalm 23, sing to the Lord, ask God to release the Holy Spirit, ask for forgiveness, pray for others, ask God to meet your needs, and give thanks.’

Click on link above link.

Go to right hand column of page and scroll down till you get to short article  “A rosary by any other name.

Click on ‘Protestant Rosary’ and you will get a full page picture and explanation of this abomination.

And note it says that it says that it’s based on the Catholic Rosary.

and you know what that’s based on.



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4 Responses to A Protestant Rosary!

  1. kittykit says:


  2. laura754 says:

    HA, you just have no respect for spiritual enlightenment!

  3. kittykit says:

    I know. I seem to have no respect for most things. Ha!

  4. sueliz1 says:

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe that!!!!

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