Article-Looking for New Catherines

This is from 2007. It’s still clickable. though it says file not found when scrolling over link.

I was pretty surprised when I came across it back then.

I recognized this ‘Saint’ immediately.

In my Catholic schools there were always biographies of saints in our library.

And I read every one that I could.

It was very calculating for the author to use Catherine in this article. We know that the agenda of

the apostate church has a socialistic and mystical foundation. Notice that Catherine had visions.

There is nothing wrong with promoting any person who is doing something good. If its left

at that. But when one is specifically promoting a person as if their religious activities/philosophies don’t clash

with the way of salvation as God lays it out in the Bible, then that’s very different.

The religious activity being works. And the  philosophy that visions validate a person before God and the

church is wrong.

A biblically grounded person would realize that.

The author could have left out the visions in his article.

But it has a purpose in the article.

I believe the author intended to use this article to help break down the walls of division between

the true gospel and the false gospel of Rome.

The uninformed Protestant reads that article and it registers in their brain as an affirmation

of the Roman gospel.

That is the devious plan.

I can’t read the authors heart. But I do see clearly he is promoting a role model who lived

for another Jesus, and another gospel.  A gospel of works and mysticism.

God is not looking for Catherines who will work like a good socialist,

by helping mankind while earning salvation and saving the world under a Rick Warren.

God is looking for sinners!

Sinners are those who are lost and in need of regeneration. They need to come to Him and

be born from above, being washed in the blood of Jesus.

He ordains good works for each of us to walk in.

But these good works we are to do are done, simply out of gratitude for His working

in us and bringing us out of the kingdom of darkness and into His Kingdom of the Son. 🙂

Promoting Catholic saints  is a devious tactic of traitors of the gospel that I have noticed a number

of times in Christian media.

They promote Catholics as if Rome is just another Christian denomination. This is devious.

Devious from Webster Dictionary:

adj. 1. Out of the direct way; winding; twisting; roundabout.

2. figurative, straying from the right course, not straightforward; going astray

Proverbs 3:32

for the devious are an abomination to the Lord;

But He is intimate with the upright.


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3 Responses to Article-Looking for New Catherines

  1. kittykit says:

    Boy. That sure is blatant isn’t it? From Baptist press eh?

  2. sueliz1 says:

    Man, that’s surprising…or maybe not! ?

  3. kittykit says:

    No, not suprising I suppose.

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